Mediators of Birth Outcome Project (MBOP):1988-1991

Study Goals:

To test mediators (stress, social support, substance use, attitudes to pregnancy, prenatal care) of ethnic differences in birthweight Sample: 1071 pregnant women giving birth for first time

Sample Characteristics:

84% Mexican origin and descent (Mexican immigrants & Mexican Americans) 16% Black 21 years of age on average 9.5 years education on average


Prospective study with single 40 minute interview in English or Spanish in second trimester and abstraction of maternal and newborn charts

Funded by NCHSR
PI: Ruth Zambrana
CoPIs: Chris Dunkel Schetter, Susan Scrimshaw

Selected Publications

Zambrana, R. E., Dunkel-Schetter, C., Collins, N., & Scrimshaw, S. C. (1999). Mediators of ethnic-associated differences in infant birth weight. Journal of Urban Health, 76(1), 102-116. View file: 

Zambrana, R. E., Scrimshaw, S. C. M., Collins, N., & Dunkel-Schetter, C. (1997). Prenatal health behaviors and psychosocial risk factors in pregnant women of Mexican origin: The role of acculturation. American Journal of Public Health87(6),
View file: 

Zambrana, R. E., Scrimshaw, S.C.M., & Dunkel-Schetter, C. (1996). Prenatal care and                  medical risk in low-income, primiparous Mexican-origin and African American women. Families, Systems, and Health14(3), 349-359.       View file: 

Zambrana, R. E., Dunkel-Schetter, C., & Scrimshaw, S. C. M. (1991). Factors which influence use of prenatal care in low-income racial-ethnic women in Los Angeles County. Journal of  Community Health, 16(5), 283-295. View file: 

Zambrana, R. E., Hernandez, M., Dunkel-Schetter, C., & Scrimshaw, S. C. M. (1991). Ethnic differences in the substance use patterns of low-income pregnant women. Family &                  Community Health, 13(4), 1-11. View file: